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We hold the Info Sessions:  2nd Sunday (1:30pm) of each month.




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(pet form included)

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Membership is open to anyone interested and willing to respect the obligations and responsibilities involved with maintaining the co-operative lifestyle. This may include shovelling snow and cutting grass around your unit, taking your turn in cleaning the garbage hut and volunteering as described at our Information Night.

Castlegreen has homes at full market rent, for all income levels. Members who cannot afford to pay full-housing charges may be eligible for government subsidies. Of the 215 homes, some are geared-to-income units and some units are designed for persons with special needs.

Waiting period depends on many factors such as the type of unit required, the number of move-outs and whether or not subsidy is required.


Monthly housing charges are due on the first of each month.

As a member you will pay annual membership dues in January of each year. This money helps fund our social activities.

Each household must purchase a $1000 loan certificate from the co-op. The office can assist in setting up a payment plan. This is a member loan and will be refunded once you move out. However, the co-op has the right to deduct any monies you may owe at that time. There is also an early move-out penalty of 5% per month if you stay less than 20 months.


  • Attend our Information Night. Everyone in your household (18 yrs. & older) must attend.
  • Complete your application for membership and housing. Each member of your household 18 years and over must apply for membership.
  • Your references must complete the reference form and return it to our office.
  • Submit completed applications to our office
  • All applicants undergo credit, reference and landlord checks.
  • You will also be contacted for a personal interview.
  • The date your completed application is received determines your position on our waiting list.