Volunteer Services

Castlegreen Housing Co-operative Volunteer Services

Castlegreen Housing Co-operative offers to members a variety of recreational and educational events. These events are made possible by the members of the co-op in collaboration with the Volunteer Services Coordinator; their combined efforts cultivates a positive community spirit. The following is the role that members and the Volunteer Services Coordinator have in the co-op.

Castlegreen Members

Living at Castlegreen means making a commitment of time to the community. To contribute to the co-op members serve on various committees, help neighbors with cluster projects, flyer delivery and participate with fundraising activities.

Volunteer Oppertunities at Castlegreen
Suitable For
Board of Directors Adults

Consists of 9 Castlegreen members who meet monthly to supervise the affairs of the Co-operative

Adults & Youths A monthly newsletter “Castlegreen Commentary” is published by this committee to communicate current events around the co-operative a personal interest articles by members.
Membership Adults The members of this committee conduct Information Sessions presentations and develop educational literature to educate potential members.
Cluster “Reps” Adults One person will act as a spokesperson for the Cluster. Cluster Reps meet every two months to share information/concerns and plan cluster activities (such as the annual Spring Clean Up)
Pet Welfare Adults & Youths Ensures all pets are registered and that members abide by the Pet Welfare Bylaws as well as deal with complaints
Kitchen Adults Responsible for kitchen stock, equipment inventory and assisting with social functions. They assist social functions by making coffee, salads and snacks. This committee also hosts an annual Spring Tea.
Welcoming Adults Responsible for welcoming new members who move into Castlegreen. They inform new members of activities and resources in the community. This committee also hosts an annual Pot Luck Supper each year.
Education Adults & Youths To promote knowledge and understanding of Co-operative principles and practices and help members acquire knowledge and skills which may be used to better the Co-op.
Landscape Adults & Youths Members of this committee are involved in making the co-op attractive by maintaining the gardens around the office and the Arboretum.
Security Adults Provide regular nightly patrols of the community, security checks on buildings and report to Thunder Bay Police any illegal or inappropriate behavior.
Special Events Committees Adults & Youths Temporary committees are struck to plan, organize and execute special events such as the Children’s Christmas Party or our Annual Canada Day Celebrations.
Informal Volunteering Adults & Youths Opportunities are endless! Some examples include baking for special functions, phone calls, cutting a neighbor’s grass, shoveling snow, flyer delivery, fundraising activities, helping out at special events and supervising at the Outdoor Rink.


Talk to the Volunteer Services Coordinator about how you can be involved and do your part for the Co-op!


When groups of caring individuals come together anything is possible. Volunteering means that the Co-op can offer a variety of extra services to members. Through our members donation of time, annual events (like those listed below) can be offered. This Culture of Participation is what makes living at Castlegreen a wonderful experience.

On top of the regular committees that operate within the Castlegreen Community there are additional events that occur throughout the year that are made of ad hoc committees. These events include pub nights, pancake breakfasts, Canada Day festivities, clothing exchanges, Children’s Halloween & Christmas parties, Spring Cleanup & Big Article Pickup, and many more. These events provide opportunities for members to get involved where their specific interests lie, and are a great chance for individuals to participate in community events and activities without making regular commitments.